The Borderlands

Year 531 -- Adventure Awaits

Work is scarce in Summerhaven, the capital of the Ever-Enduring Kingdom. True, there are jobs aplenty for low-ranking soldiers doing guard duty, or for wizards analyzing the tatters of the ancient kingdoms as their scrolls and parchments are unearthed. But the real fortunes are to be made at the edges of the realm, diving deep for hidden treasures that could make a person rich, either through sale to the Kingdom… or by other, less direct means.

The frontier is exciting, with its ongoing struggle between the Royal Guard and the Orcish hordes for supremacy of the Gold Coast. It takes an enterprising group to make a living in the areas less civilized: The Borderlands certainly count as that. In the year 531, a small band of adventurers came together to form the Aldwynne Company, and set off east to seek their fortunes. Each member came with unique purposes and skills, united under the banner of their new fellowship.


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